3D printed models of your patient's oral cavity in your office in 3 days

Do you feel that you need new tools to improve communication with your patients? 
With the Oral3D printshop, you can improve dentist-patient communication with 3D printed models of your patient's oral cavity from any CT scan or intra-oral scan.
It's easy, it's fast and it's affordable!

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Your advantages from Oral3D models



From 150 euros - low budget is no excuse

3 days

Fast Shipping

Hold your model in max 3 days


High precision

Expect top quality models with precision up to 0.1mm

Improving patient’s understanding of their oral situation and surgical planning through 3D printed models

Effective doctor – patient communication with customized 3D printed models

Customization and pre-surgical rehearsals lead to limitation of surgical errors

Provide physical 3D models in addition to CT-scans for better service and improved surgical planning

Effective doctor-patient communication before, during and after treatment

Personalised 3D printed models for trainings and seminars

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